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Thomas J. Phillips, R.L.A.


Personal Brief

Mr. Phillips is the owner of the firm TJ Phillips Designs, LLC and his career has spanned over 40 years. His work has earned professional awards at state and national levels. Mr. Phillips represents the firm as administrator, project manager, and lead designer.


Mr. Phillips' planning and landscape architectural experience includes both national and international work on governmental agency projects, urban planning, regional and urban parks, campus and school projects, recreational facility projects, medical, institutional, industrial, commercial and residential projects. 

Professional Registration

  • Registrations

    • State of Louisiana, No. P-242 (Active)

    • State of Texas, No. 1231 (Non-Active)

    • State of California, No. 2891 (Non-active)


Fields of Competence

  • Landscape Architecture

    • Government

    • Commercial

    • Residential

  • Site Planning

    • Urban and Land Use Planning

    • Park and Recreation Planning

  • Concept and Marketing Sketches

  • Construction Site Management Reporting

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